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100 x 300gsm Keaykolor (Basalt)

Image of 100 x 300gsm Keaykolor (Basalt)
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For just $1 USD, you get to have 100 of the listed cards of 90 x 54 mm size (can be trimmed down to 3.5”x2”).

These are paper off-cuts from our projects, and instead of chucking them away, we want to turn these papers into treasure! Simply pay for the work of foiling or embossing, we can turn these beautiful papers into something useful for you. Eg. business cards, gift tags…etc.

Fees for Work:
Please refer to the listed images for FEES OF WORK you will need to pay for these printing/post-press options to be done to the papers purchased. As these are paper off cuts, all artwork need to be kept 5mm away from the edges.

Delivery Charge (worldwide shipping by TNT):
Deliveries within Australia = $10 USD
Any other countries = $20 USD

How to Redeem:
1. Purchase the cards first in sets of 100, while stocks last.
2.Email your artwork to together with the order number, so we know you have purchased this from our $1 Special Shop.
3. We will send you an invoice to pay for the extra fees (varies depending on techniques used) and delivery charge. Once invoice is paid, we will get the job started and send you the finished product by TNT.

Terms of Use:
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